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Q: Do Prep/Rec Teams Compete 1 Day at 2 Day Events?

All teams compete BOTH days at our 2 Day National Championships.

Q: How Do Allstar Alliance Bids Work?

Bids are awarded at all the Allstar Alliance Partner Brand events. Bids are not required to attend Bid events, however the Bids act as a discount on your Registration for our Bid events. Bids are awarded as follows:

1st Place: GOLD Bid (100% Registration Paid)

2nd Place: SILVER Bid (50%Registration Paid)

3rd Place: BRONZE Bid (25% Registration Paid)

Click ALLSTAR ALLIANCE BIDS in the menu bar for a list of Events the Bids are good for.

Q: How Do Allstar World Championship Bids Work?

Click ALLSTAR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BIDS in the menu bar for details.

Q: What Divisions Win Rings?

All 2 Day National Championships awards rings to Grand Champion Divisions.


  • Level 1 (Includes Prep, Novice, & Performance Rec)

  • Level 2 (Includes Prep, Novice, & Performance Rec)

  • Level 3 (Includes Prep, Novice, & Performance Rec)

  • Level 4 (Includes Level 4 Performance Rec)

  • Level 5/6 Combined

  • Dance


Q: When is the Competition Schedule Emailed?

We do not email Competition Schedules. Schedules are posted on our website the Monday prior to your event by 5pm. Please check your invoice and update Team Quantities, Team Nick Names, and Divisions by Friday 1 week prior to your event. Changes can no longer be made after Wednesday the week of the event. Changes to Invoices are made by responding to your Invoice via Email, or by emailing Please view your event schedule for contact information to request changes to Competition Schedule.

Q: Where do we Pickup Scoresheets?

Scoresheets are ready approximately 30 Minutes after each session on day 1, or after Awards.

 They can be picked up at the Allstar Couture Clothing Check-Out or at Coach Check-In.

Q: I Registered online but I haven't received an Invoice yet?

It can take up to 48 Hours to Receive your Invoice. If Registering on Friday, by Wednesday. Invoice come from Intuit Quickbooks accounting software. Please check your Spam folder also before emailing.

Q: What is the price for a 1 Day pass at a 2 Day Nationals?

There is no 1 Day pass at our 2 Day National Championships. Admission is 1 set price for the weekend wristband that includes both days. Competition schedules are built to carefully avoid over crowding during each session. Offering a 1 Day vs 2 Day historically will overcrowd the event on Sunday, when we need the most space inside the venue to allow the Main Floor Awards Ceremony experience for the athletes.

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